#HatDistrict Photography Exhibition: THESE WALLS TELL STORIES

These Walls Tell Stories

These Walls Tell Stories Shaun Armstrong

Photographs of Luton’s Hat District by Shaun Armstrong

30.11.18 -14.12.18 at The Storefront, 64 Bute Street #HatDistrict, Luton

1-6pm Wednesday - Saturday

Shaun Armstrong is a Bedfordshire-based photographer specialising in documentary and observational photography. He has been commissioned by Luton Culture to photo document the transformation of the Hat District.

Working in an unstructured way with natural light, Shaun’s approach
is to seek out interesting views and perspectives that capture a moment or situation.

He works with businesses, organisations and on projects to create communications imagery. This ranges from people at work to the more abstract interpretation of details, places and spaces. Shaun aims to blend reality with interest in different degrees.

“Documenting the many aspects of the Hat District as it transforms from its industrial creative past to a vibrant creative future is a delight, from the organic materials and design to the engagement of the workforce and the process of change.” Shaun Armstrong

The images in These Walls Tell Stories have been drawn from a large collection of details and perspectives Shaun has observed since the regeneration project started in 2017. The selection of photographs highlight the inherent beauty of things and hint at the people and stories these bricks, windows and fittings have absorbed over the years.

Prints of the images in this exhibition are available on request from Shaun Armstrong.

Please contact:  shaun@mubsta.com for more information

Luton Culture is commissioner of These Walls Tell Stories and Shaun Armstrong is our capital project photo-documenter of the significant transformation taking place in the cultural heart of Luton.